How Extrigs! Started

In the year 2010, Chigozie Chinedu Ezeh had the vision of improving the world’s information and content management and security system. That brought about the generic name “Extriga” which was at that time, Extracting Internet and Google Applet, though he thought Google is another term representing internet network.

In 2011, the name Extriga gained popularity, which might be because he bear the name as a nick or other name. The same year, Extriga as a person was awarded a best Microsoft Office initiative user.

Chigozie Chinedu Ezeh, still working towards his vision, felt the name Extriga was taken for fun by his age/peer group due to it sounded like a military term or relating to activities of using the gun or raffle. Therefore, Extriga was renamed to Extrigs! Due to this renaming, the acronym was slightly modified with the introduction of services. As of 2013, Extrigs stands for “Extracting (or Extraction of) Internet and Global Services, where internet for the globe was still the main target mission.

Extrigs! built his first successful program which generates random Nigerian mobile numbers in the year 2015. The program had so many advanced features and a friendly user interface. Up to 13 cyber companies implemented the program into their system to promote their business through random SMS advertisements.

Extrigs! was awarded a project by a new developing secondary school in a part of the northern Nigeria to develop a CBT and Online Examination System which will allow students write both multi-choice question and essay type examination and generate student results at the end of an academic term, in the year 2016. Though due to the copyright policy and legal agreement prior to the development and implementation, the program cannot be redistributed

Extrigs! became a registered company under the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Extrigs! Global Network Limited in the year 2017. The company is limited by shares with the RC Number 1449627. The registration and financing of the company was sponsored by Kelechi Isaac Chukwu (Chief Executive Officer at Divine-Elect KIC Global Services Limited) who is a shareholder and the primary investor in the company and Chigozie Chinedu Ezeh as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO and founder) and the primary shareholder of Extrigs!

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