Prospective Clients, Customers

Based on our existing technology, our market is opened and targeting the following customer groups and market segments.

Schools and Educational Institutions

We are developing a high range of educational and academic management facilities to aid school owners and administrator power functionalities and to promote and improve quality and smooth educational system in the following ways.

  • Streamline financial management.
  • Entire school management operations ranging from records to students management and administrative functionalities.
  • Accurate budgeting and forecasting.
  • Manage fundraising from pledge to payment.
  • Apply business intelligence for a comprehensive picture of the organization.

Financial Institutions

Information technology focuses on the development of networks that exchange information. Because all financial transactions involve the exchange of information, the increasing popularity of online finance coincided with advances in information technology, the financial institutions are also our targeted market. Financial institutions cannot compete without a broad but secure information network, so we wish to be there to be of essential to their success with our innovative technologies and e-facilities.

Business Owners

As the world is turning into a global village, the need for business owners to attain a better and successive business achievements is high due to the competitions. A prospective successful business idea would need the information technology innovations. With our buisnes solution, business owners are assured of the following:

  • Produce accurate planning.
  • Offer more effective and efficient marketing than high cost of newspaper, television, and radio advertisements.
  • Produce higher global sales.
  • More systematic management and incorporate real time monitoring.
  • Offer instant customer support system and improve business resource management.

Governmental Organization and Agencies

Governmental organisations and agencies are not excluded from our market. They also form part of our clients and customers and our prospective clients. Our innovative technology can improve the government through:

  • High efficiency of service delivery to the public through the use of our e-facilities.
  • Raising of public funds and tax management through electronic systems.
  • Payroll management.
  • Record keeping and management.
  • Staff management.

Our Global Vision

We have a global vision of improving and upgrading the method and approach of task solving, creating a global platform where information and content management can be optimized with valuable degree of proficiency.
Chigozie Chinedu Ezeh (CEO Extrigs!)

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