Our Users, Customers and Clients

Since we are a multi-solution and technology firm, our market size can be broken down into two derived categories, which includes the following:

  1. Standard users to our resource platform; and
  2. Clients and customers to our products and services

Standard Users

While our mission is to help people around the globe see their lives as a meaningful existence, and our vision is to improve and upgrade the method and approach of task solving, creating a global platform where information and content management can be optimized with valuable degree of proficiency, we built and still building free and opened resources and online content management system to users who will benefit from them. Below are segment of users and groups our free facilities are targeting.

  • Slaiz Media Discover and explore Slaiz.com today The entertainment industry where users can sign up account to upload their music and songs, share with love ones and families, read news about artist and celebrities, create their own news by themselves and share to popular social networks, upload videos to be streamed online and downloaded by friends and the world at large. Competitive artists and models can equally sign up a pool or contest where users may have to vote for their choice participant (though this very platform is monetized and cannot be accessed free).
    Explore Slaiz.
  • Extrigs! Sports and OddBook Football and sport platform where users with Extrigs! Account, can access football news, transfers, records and lot more. Users can equally stream sport highlights and scores on their PC and mobile devices. Football lovers who are into betting and sport gambling can be able to view free football and sports predictions made by our Betting Teams. Users who wish to create their own free football prediction tips to be viewed by the world can ultimately accomplish it for free without subscription.
    Discover Extrigs! OddBook or Explore Extrigs! Sports.
  • Teddilicious Click to visit Teddilicious.com Food and Health industry, users can be able to learn many health tips and diseases preventions and cures. We will also be targeting cooks who are eager to find recipes and procedures of preparing some certain meals both African dishes and International dishes and to enhance their knowledge towards the meal nutritionals values.
    Learn Nutrition and Fitness using Teddilicious.

Clients and Customers

Based on our existing technology, development and softwares, our market is opened and targeting almost all institutions and private organisations.

Find out who our customers and prospective clients are.

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