Multi-Solution and Technology Consulting

Extrigs! Global Network Limited (Extrigs!) is a multi-solution and technology consulting firm that combines processes which decrease inefficiency and innovative technology to deliver quality services to its clients. We work together with our clients towards building an advanced problem solving outcome.

How Extrigs! Started

In the year 2010, Chigozie Chinedu Ezeh had the vision of improving the world’s information and content management and security system. That brought about the generic name “Extriga” which was at that time, Extracting Internet and Google Applet, though he thought Google is another term representing internet network.

Image contains a hand holding an iphone.

We've got a mission

To help people around the globe see their lives as a meaningful existence.


Our Solution

At Extrigs, we are targeting at standardization and innovation, for every business and industry would always go for an original and new technology. To produce a better products which would solve our customers long term goal and to minimize products and software breakdown.

Clients and Customers

It has been observed that most of the existing software development and ICT companies are just earning at making profit for themselves without considering the long term goal of their clients. Regardless of who they are, we're always interested in maintaining an unmitigated commuication between us and our clients.